French River Cultural Industries Council Inc.

Art is inextricably linked to heritage and culture, and the French River area is no exception. Steeped in the traditions of the local Métis, Francophone, First Nations, and Anglophone populations, the French River Cultural Industries Council Inc. (FRCIC) develops valuable programming accessible to community members and tourists.

For ideas on things to do in the French River area, look no further:

  • The Backstreet Gallery is a must-see attraction for every tourist and local resident, and new works arrive constantly to please returning visitors.
  • Arts and culture workshops provide residents and visitors with an interactive and creative opportunity to learn about various facets of the four regional cultural groups.
  • The week-long French River Youth Summer Arts Experience in August introduces the children of cottagers, lodge guests, and community members to the arts & crafts, drama, music, and dance of the four regional cultural groups.

More than a united group with a common vision.

Four cultures. One people.